Takriti Est. established by Bashar Takriti in 1980 in Jordan. At the beginning it concentrated on power and control products,Takriti Est.started with Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique which are known now as Schneider Electric.

From that time till today, Takriti established very good relations in the Jordanian and worldwide Markets through strong relations with many international leader companies in Power and Control Fields, Like; StreamerSOCOMEC, LOVATO, HIMEL, GINDRE , POWERMAT and many other companies.

Since 2008, Takriti Est. started a new ambitious stage in the business world, especially for Jordanian Market when CHINT  choose us as a SOLE MAIN DISTRIBUTOR in Jordanian Market after more than 6 months of studying, searching, asking and choosing the most capable one in the Market.


Now we have grown more through multiple acquisitions of distributors in various areas in Jordan.

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