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Hifa for Control Panels Co.


Specialty: Manufacturing and assembling control panels for elevators.

General Manger: Eng. Omar Al-Tarifi

Address: Jordan-Amman-University of Jordan St.

A message from GM

Hifa for control panels Co. was established in September 1998 in the Jordanian market to assemble control panels for elevators, innovation was our motto we started by using a new technology in the Jordanian market to develop and improve the elevators control by using computers, and that made us the first Jordanian company to use this technique in the elevators control field with production capacity of two panels per month.

Improving the production capacity and speeding the manufacturing process were the biggest challenges that faced us in our beginnings, we overcame them by keeping ourselves updated with the world development and entering PLCs in the control panel in 2001 as a third company uses PLCs in elevators for our market.

Our continues developing and search for the best for our clients financially and technically never stopped until we manufactured our own PCB in 2004 and named it (HIFA A), a lot of updates and developing occurred on this PCB to enhance performance and fulfill the market needs until we arrived to the currently used panel (HIFA 2000).

In 2008 CHINT products lunched in the Jordanian market through their official distributor “Takriti Est. for electrical and industrial supplies” and Chint Products was used as a main operator for the power circuit with (HIFA 2000) panel, and just like any new product we faced some troubles to convince our clients with a product made in China because there are some Chinese  products in the market that are not qualified for the market needs but our trust in CHINT quality extended from our trust in CHINT’s agent Takriti Est. for electrical and industrial supplies and we ran some tests on CHINT’s products in our labs and made research on the company itself  and our trust in the product reflected to our clients and the elevators consultants who started to use CHINT products in the control panel.

After all the stages and developing we finally reached production capacity of 100 panels per month.

Hoping to keep on this developing approach by using all opportunities granted to us from CHINT and Takriti Est. to present all new ideas to the Jordanian market.




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